Preschool & Childcare

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At RCA we begin to love, educate and care for your children as early as 6 weeks of age through high school.

Our Child Care program is DSS approved, with low teacher/child ratios, and a loving environment for your child to grow in.

Preschool begins at 2 years old with learning through play and lessons from the A Beka curriculum. Children in K2 learn letters, numbers, sounds, shapes and so much more. Each day is scheduled with immersion in fun and centered in Christ.

Students who will turn 3 after the Sept 1st deadline but before Christmas, or who are not yet potty trained, participate in our Pre-K3 program. This program includes a mixture of A Beka curriculum for 3s and 2s with a focus on preparing for K3. Students enjoy fun filled learning activities and play time through the day.

K3 is a transition year for our 3-year-olds. They are beginning to learn classroom behaviors necessary for success in Kindergarten and social skills. While learning is still encouraged in play, students also have structured learning at desks as well as play centers. Students will learn Bible verses, Letters, Letter sounds, numbers, nursery rhymes and motor skill tasks

K4 is a kindergarten program for 4-year-olds. RCA is proud to offer both A Beka K4 and First Steps K4 for qualifying students. Students begin learning letter names, sounds and the skills to begin reading. Basic math skills including counting, skip counting (by 5s and 10s), and simple addition and subtraction. Motor skills are worked on with art and learning projects, while listening and social skills are worked on in a classroom and play center setting. By the end of K4 most students at RCA are reading basic words or considered pre-readers with help.