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At RCA, athletics are a valuable extension of the learning process. Our primary concern is the character of our athletes and that all participants are a positive representation of Christ and our school. The athletic program is to give a student the opportunity to develop physically and participate in a healthy and safe program. Also, we wish to promote team spirit, cooperation, self-discipline, and responsibility.

We believe it is important to involve students in after school activities that will teach discipline and team work.

Come join us on this mission!!!!

In order to participate in the athletic program a student must:

  • Not be older than eighteen prior to school starting.
  • Be in the 5th grade (some sports vary)
  • Submit a signed permission and medical form (supplied by school)
  • Pay a $100.00 participation fee per sport ($150.00 for football)
  • Have financial account in good standing
  • Students 9-12th must pass with at least a 70, each grading period four (4) core courses to participate in athletics.
  • Students below 9th must pass at least four (4) subjects with at least a 70, each grading period to participate in athletics.
  • Core courses, (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Bible, Computer Tech, and Foreign Language).An athlete who becomes ineligible at the end of a grading period may be reinstated after the grades are issued at the next grading period.The Principal will suspend or permanently remove a player from any team if that student’s conduct, sportsmanship, or attitude makes them a poor testimony.