Pre k3

1 box sandwich size Ziploc bags

1 box gallon size Ziploc bags

Full size book bag (must be able to fit a folder)

Nap Mat – must be easily cleaned (no cloth)

2 rolls of paper towels

1 can Lysol

3 boxes of tissues

3 packs of baby wipes

1 container Lysol wipes

1 bag of wrapped candy for treat jar

1 bag of prizes for treat box

1 bottle tacky glue ( brown bottle in craft section)

Change of Clothes ( please check periodically to update based on weather and growing children)

Pull ups (easy open sides please) or underwear for potty training

1 pack of copy paper

1 white T-shirt
Pack Lunch daily. Please make sure your child’s name is on all their belongings! Supplies are generally for classroom use, but label nap mats, book bag, etc. I’m looking forward to a great year !