Middle School Supply Lists

Middle School Supply List

Additional Supplies may be requested as needed, this list may not be all-inclusive.

2018-2019 Middle School Lists


Homeroom/General List

Two boxes of tissues (This goes to a supply closet for all of middle school)  QUARTERLY

2 rolls of Paper Towels QUARTERLY

hand sanitizer QUARTERLY

student planner (or a small notebook for assignments etc.)

Locker organizational items (optional) NOTE: a magnetic notepad is often helpful to keep in their locker

Whiteout (optional, but helpful)

Highlighters – used in a number of classes

#2 Pencils (required for Math)

Erasers (required for Math)

Individual Whiteboard

1 Pk of Whiteboard Markers ( for student use)

Colored Pencils

Permanent and washable markers

Blue and Black Pens

Index Cards ( Required for Most of your classes so plan accordingly)

2 Reams of Copy Paper

Separate Binders or Spiral Notebooks for Each class  -No Trapper Keeper, multi-subject binders, please.

Some Students may need a combination lock; please do not purchase until after lockers are assigned.

Middle School Bookbags, must not have characters, slogans, or anything derogatory on them. Plain colored, patterned or Embroidered/Initialed/Monogrammed bags are acceptable.

Ink Usage fee of $20 (staples gift card, Amazon gift card or Cash turned into Mrs. Crystal or Mrs. Amber) for the computer lab.

Science Items will be  requested throughout the year (poster boards, Tri fold Boards , etc)

Home Ec items will be requested as needed



1 pack of Color Pencils Dedicated to Art

1 4-pack of Black Sharpies

1 Pack of Colored Sharpies (Minimum of 8 color pack)

2 Canvas (No smaller than 5X7 no larger than 11X14)

Package of white cardstock


Bible Class

Bible (NIV Preferred)

PE and Sports

All students are required to Dress for PE or Seasonal sports practice.

Additional PE Uniforms cost $10



6/20/18 – List not finalized