K2 Supply List


Mrs Cindy’s K2 List
Full size book bag (must fit a folder)
3 packs of baby wipes
1 boxes tissues
2 –Lysol/Clorox wipes
1 -Can of Lysol Spray
1 -Box of Gallon size Ziploc Bags
1 pack of copy paper
1-2 pocket folders (plastic/vinyl lasts longer) with prongs
2 bags of small treats (prizes /small age appropriate toys for treasure box)
2 rolls of paper towels
Nap Mat & Blanket

$20 Party fee will cover parties for the school year. Send in an envelope or pay the office. Receipts can be given upon request

Needed Daily-
·  Pull-ups / Training Underwear
·  Change of clothes (lots of bottoms if using training pants) (pants, shirts, socks, etc)

Please bring in a pack of wipes on a monthly basis.
Please label mats, book bag, and all clothing with your child’s name or initials!!!